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Title Publication Date
The Battle for the Soul of Iraqi Kurdistan Foreign Policy July 14, 2016
Who Is Stopping Kurdish Leaders From Visiting the U.S.? Newsweek May 24, 2016
Do Kurds Have Legal Recourse Against Barzanis? The Pasewan November 12, 2015
Kurds Failing Representation Jeopardizes US Support The Pasewan August 19, 2015
The U.S. Gets the Kurds Wrong - Again The Wall Street Journal February 13, 2014
It's Time to Come Clean on the Disappeared The Kurdistan Tribune February 8, 2014
Lift the Blockade on Rojava The Kurdistan Tribune January 27, 2014
Kurdish officials need a code of conduct The Kurdistan Tribune December 28, 2013
The US Should Reconsider PKK Terror Designation The Kurdistan Tribune November 11, 2013
Gorran can determine Region's future, not PUK or KDP Dangdan (The Vote) September 26, 2013
Why won't Washington support Kurdish Independence? The Kurdistan Tribune May 9, 2013
What motivates Turkey's peace process? The Kurdistan Tribune April 2, 2013
Where is the Kurdistan Statistics Agency? The Kurdistan Tribune December 17, 2012
Why U.S. should rethink policy over Syria's Kurds CNN Global Public Square November 27, 2012
Iran: IHRDC reports 'On the Margins' The Kurdistan Tribune November 12, 2012
Is Barzani really a nationalist? Redux The Kurdistan Tribune November 8, 2012
Is Masud Barzani really a nationalist? The Kurdistan Tribune October 22, 2012
Why does Barzani oppose modern banking for Kurdistan? The Kurdistan Tribune October 12, 2012
Is Turkey Losing to the PKK? The Kurdistan Tribune August 6, 2012
Kurdistan's '$265 million' National Security Council The Kurdistan Tribune July 12, 2012
Kurdish history: Leaders' greed trumps nationalism The Kurdistan Tribune June 9, 2012
Who will write the Kurdish epic? The Kurdistan Tribune January 21, 2012
Parliament should question KRG silence in the face of Turkey's weapons purchases The Kurdistan Tribune January 8, 2012
Can Kurdistan be the new Dubai? The Kurdistan Tribune December 31, 2011
Is Kurdistan ready for a U.S.-Iran war? The Kurdistan Tribune December 23, 2011
Kurdistan needs accountability The Kurdistan Tribune December 4, 2011
Nechirvan Barzani must professionalize his office The Kurdistan Tribune November 17, 2011
Why won't Barzani or Barham block the arms sale to Turkey? The Kurdistan Tribune November 3, 2011
Is it time for an anti-Turkey coalition? The Kurdistan Tribune October 27, 2011
What's in a name? The Kurdistan Tribune October 15, 2011
Will America leave Kurdistan? The Kurdistan Tribune September 26, 2011
To fight corruption, Barzani needs to clean house The Kurdistan Tribune September 10, 2011
Erdo─čan's temper-tantrum should benefit Kurds The Kurdistan Tribune September 7, 2011
Will the State Department betray Syria's Kurds? The Kurdistan Tribune August 22, 2011
Thank you, Dr. Tissot The Kurdistan Tribune July 31, 2011
Remembering Bill Eagleton The Kurdistan Tribune July 25, 2011
Where's Kurdistan's missing $4 billion? The Kurdistan Tribune July 3, 2011
Where is Iraqi Kurdistan's sovereign wealth fund? The Kurdistan Tribune June 26, 2011
Kurdish leaders must overcome their isolation The Kurdistan Tribune June 20, 2011
It's time for university reform in Iraqi Kurdistan The Kurdistan Tribune June 8, 2011
Life after Talabani The Kurdistan Tribune June 5, 2011
It's time for Turkey to end its occupation of Iraqi Kurdistan The Kurdistan Tribune May 28, 2011
The Squeaky Wheel Syndrome Commentary April 11, 2011
To the Freedom Protestors in Sara Square Kurd Net April 7, 2011
Sardasht's murder was a public relations disaster for Kurdistan Kurdish Media May 30, 2010
Sardasht's pen was his weapon Kurdish Media May 14, 2010
"The Kurds' representation in Washington has not done a good job" Yakgrtu January 14, 2010
Kurdish leaders are drunk with power The Daily Star (Beirut) July 1, 2009
Kurdistan's Troubled Democracy The Washington Post April 18, 2009
Is Iraqi Kurdistan a Good Ally? AEI Middle Eastern Outlook January 2008
After Turkish Airstrikes, Rice Visits Kirkuk NPR: Talk of the Nation December 18, 2007
Enabling Kurdish Illusions Weekly Standard March 19, 2007
Turkey, Iraq Get U.S. Help to Fight Kurdish Rebels NPR: Day to Day August 30, 2006
The PKK Factor National Review Online August 5, 2004
Kurdistan Dispatch: Bomb Shelter The New Republic June 17, 2002
The Other Iraq The Jerusalem Report December 31, 2001
The Islamist Threat from Iraqi Kurdistan Middle East Intelligence Bulletin December 2001
The Living Conditions of Kurds in Northern Iraq NPR: All Things Considered July 16, 2001
Sulaymaniyah Dispatch The New Republic June 18, 2001

Book Reviews

Book Title Publication Date
Kurdish Identity: Human Rights and Political Status Middle East Quarterly Summer 2008
The Kurds: A People in Search of Their Homeland
by Kevin McKiernan
Middle East Quarterly Summer 2007
The Kurdish Nationalist Movement
by David Romano
Middle East Quarterly Summer 2007
Turkey's Policy towards Northern Iraq: Problems and Perspectives
by Bill Park
Middle East Quarterly Winter 2007
The Kurds and the State
by Denise Natali
Middle East Quarterly Winter 2007
The Future of Kurdistan in Iraq Middle East Quarterly Spring 2006
The Kurds in Iraq
by Kerim Yildiz
Middle East Quarterly Winter 2006
Hell Is Over, Voices of the Kurds after Saddam
by Mike Tucker
Middle East Quarterly Summer 2005
Fire, Snow & Honey: Voices from Kurdistan Middle East Quarterly Spring 2004
Iraqi Kurdistan: Political Development and Emergent Democracy
by Gareth R. Stansfield
Middle East Quarterly Winter 2004

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