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Setting traitor Manning free is a betrayal by Obama
Jan 19, 2017

What Kerry got wrong in his Israel speech
Dec 28, 2016

Why Should We Trust Erdogan's Spies?
Dec 9, 2016

Erdogan Makes a Bid for the Military
Nov 30, 2016

Will Erdogan Bring Assassinations Here?
Nov 29, 2016

Trump's troubling security adviser
Nov 19, 2016

Trump Team's First Ethics Scandal
Nov 16, 2016

Erdogan's Troop Incursion Into Iraq Threatens NATO Unity
Nov 5, 2016

Turkey is Headed for a Bloodbath
Nov 3, 2016

Turkey Should Play No Part in Liberating Mosul
Oct 20, 2016

Would a bankrupt Saudi Arabia be good for America?
Oct 7, 2016

Whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump wins, the next President needs to take meaningful action in Syria crisis
Oct 1, 2016

Did the Defense Department Lie About Closing Lajes?
Sep 22, 2016

Will Erdogan Airbrush Atatürk From Turkish Life?
Aug 19, 2016

U.S. should know by now that ransoming hostages with Iran only leads to terror
Aug 3, 2016

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