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Title Publication Date
Why Should We Trust Erdogan's Spies? Newsweek December 9, 2016
Will Erdogan Bring Assassinations Here? Newsweek November 29, 2016
Erdogan's Troop Incursion Into Iraq Threatens NATO Unity Newsweek November 5, 2016
Turkey is Headed for a Bloodbath Newsweek November 3, 2016
Turkey Should Play No Part in Liberating Mosul Newsweek October 20, 2016
Will Erdogan Airbrush Atatürk From Turkish Life? Newsweek August 19, 2016
Erdogan Has Nobody to Blame for the Coup but Himself Foreign Policy July 15, 2016
Pakistan on the Mediterranean The Washington Free Beacon March 28, 2016
How to Counter Erdogan's Assault on the Free Press Newsweek March 7, 2016
Turkey's Dangerous Iraq Game Commentary December 15, 2015
Erdoğan's Historical Truthiness Commentary November 23, 2014
The U.S. Should Stand With the Turkish People The New York Times June 5, 2013
The Roots of the Turkish Uprising The Wall Street Journal June 4, 2013
Erdogan's Agenda National Review Online May 16, 2013
What motivates Turkey's peace process? The Kurdistan Tribune April 2, 2013
Will Syria Burst the Turkish Bubble? Yahoo Finance November 25, 2012
Turkey's Sectarian Agenda Al-Aalem (Baghdad) November 11, 2012
Ten years later, Turkey's Islamist political revolution bearing bitter fruit The Daily Caller November 2, 2012
2020: Too Soon for Turkey National Review Online August 16, 2012
Is Turkey Losing to the PKK? The Kurdistan Tribune August 6, 2012
Parliament should question KRG silence in the face of Turkey's weapons purchases The Kurdistan Tribune January 8, 2012
Why won't Barzani or Barham block the arms sale to Turkey? The Kurdistan Tribune November 3, 2011
Is it time for an anti-Turkey coalition? The Kurdistan Tribune October 27, 2011
The Trouble With Turkey National Review October 17, 2011
What's in a name? The Kurdistan Tribune October 15, 2011
Erdoğan's temper-tantrum should benefit Kurds The Kurdistan Tribune September 7, 2011
It's time for Turkey to end its occupation of Iraqi Kurdistan The Kurdistan Tribune May 28, 2011
The Direction of Turkey's Foreign Policy and Strategic Partnerships Euro-Atlantic Quarterly January 3, 2011
Turkey on the Brink National Security Policy Proceedings Fall 2010
Turkey, from Ally to Enemy Commentary July/August 2010
Erdogan's Turkey Is Not a Friend Forward June 11, 2010
All things Turkey, Israel, and Iran Bill Bennett's Morning in America June 2, 2010
Obama in Turkey Bill Bennett's Morning in America April 7, 2009
Erdogan, Ergenekon, and the Struggle for Turkey Mideast Monitor August 8, 2008
Turkey: Erdogan, the AKP, and Secularism Euro-Atlantic Quarterly July 2008
The Case Against Turkey's Ruling Party The American June 20, 2008
Turkey's Putin Deserves to Go Wall Street Journal June 6, 2008
Turkey's Uncertain Future The American April 30, 2008
Turkey's Turning Point National Review Online April 14, 2008
Turkey and Democracy Euro-Atlantic Quarterly March 2008
After Turkish Airstrikes, Rice Visits Kirkuk NPR: Talk of the Nation December 18, 2007
Turkey's Terror Problem Is Ours Wall Street Journal December 18, 2007
Will Turkey Have an Islamist President? AEI Middle Eastern Outlook February 2, 2007
"Mr. Erdogan's Turkey" Wall Street Journal October 19, 2006
Turkey, Iraq Get U.S. Help to Fight Kurdish Rebels NPR: Day to Day August 30, 2006
Dissident Watch: Yücel Aşkın Middle East Quarterly Summer 2006
Turkey's No Casual Dining National Review Online December 12, 2005
Turkish Turn Back? National Review Online October 19, 2005
Fried in Turkey National Review Online August 2, 2005
A comedy of errors: American-Turkish Diplomacy and the Iraq War Turkish Policy Quarterly Spring 2005
Green Money, Islamist Politics in Turkey Middle East Quarterly Winter 2005
Talking Turkey National Review Online August 6, 2004
The PKK Factor National Review Online August 5, 2004

Blog Posts

Title Publication Date
A little bit of crazy from Turkey Blog June 19, 2013
What Do Turkey's Military Resignations Mean for the Pentagon? Blog August 1, 2011
Israel's Battered-Wife Syndrome Blog July 29, 2011
Turkey's Watershed Elections Blog June 6, 2011

Book Reviews

Book Title Publication Date
Turkey's Policy towards Northern Iraq: Problems and Perspectives
by Bill Park
Middle East Quarterly Winter 2007

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