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Title Publication Date
U.S. should know by now that ransoming hostages with Iran only leads to terror New York Daily News August 3, 2016
No Bare Breasts, Please, We're Iranian Newsweek January 31, 2016
Obama Does an Arms for Hostages Deal Newsweek January 19, 2016
Are Moderates Really In Charge in Iran? Newsweek January 18, 2016
Iranian seizure portends worse to come USA Today January 14, 2016
Our Snatched Sailors: Who to Really Blame Newsweek January 13, 2016
The Saudi-Iranian Hostilities: What Should the U.S. Do? Newsweek January 5, 2016
Iran Chooses Guns Over Butter Every Time Newsweek August 31, 2015
But what about the Revolutionary Guard? The Hill July 16, 2015
Obama and Kerry crossed every one of their own red lines New York Post July 14, 2015
America's 'Insane' Iran Approach The National Interest June 26, 2015
The Danger of Negotiating with Iran Washington Free Beacon March 9, 2015
Iran's hypocrisy in condemning U.S. racism CNN December 31, 2014
Iran's not-so-hidden hidden agenda Dallas Morning News November 27, 2014
The diplomatic insanity of Iran talks CNN November 24, 2014
Don't expect Rouhani to transform Iran CNN Global Public Square December 23, 2013
Iran deal risks creating another North Korea CNN Global Public Square November 24, 2013
Bad Iran deal worse than no deal CNN Global Public Square November 9, 2013
'Forgotten' Africa turns to Iran as a result of western neglect Public Service Europe May 7, 2013
Africa: Iran's final frontier? AEI Outlook April 17, 2013
Deciphering Iranian decision making and strategy today AEI Outlook January 28, 2013
Iran: IHRDC reports 'On the Margins' The Kurdistan Tribune November 12, 2012
Why both candidates got it wrong on Iran CNN Global Public Square October 23, 2012
Can a Nuclear Iran Be Contained? The Morningside Post October 8, 2012
Iran Endgame National Review September 10, 2012
Regressing on Iran Townhall Magazine August 2012
Should the United States Rethink Sanctions Against Iran? Federation of American Scientists July 16, 2012
How to make Iran blink Fox News July 9, 2012
Iran sanctions: Are they working? Fox News June 13, 2012
US and Iran negotiate nukes Fox News April 12, 2012
Iranians arrested in New York for espionage Sun News Network March 22, 2012
How Iran sees America and what America does not want to see Fox News February 17, 2012
Dire Straits Iran's navy plays a dangerous game The Weekly Standard January 16, 2012
Iran Puts a Weak America in Its Sights, With Big Plans for the Future Fox News January 10, 2012
The West should hand Iran's leadership a chalice of poison The Age January 5, 2012
Tehran's hollow Hormuz strait threat New York Daily News December 30, 2011
Is Kurdistan ready for a U.S.-Iran war? The Kurdistan Tribune December 23, 2011
Iranian End Game National Review December 19, 2011
What the Storming of the British Embassy In Teheran Tells Us Fox News November 29, 2011
Iraq's Iran problem, Iran's Iraq problem CNN Security Clearance November 14, 2011
Iran's Nuclear Project National Review Online November 8, 2011
Will Israel Pull the Trigger and Send Iran the Ultimate Message? Fox News November 3, 2011
Iran wants 'plausible deniability' on alleged Saudi blow up AFP October 12, 2011
To Keep America Safe We Must Address Our Intelligence Failures In Iran Fox News October 12, 2011
Did Iran Really Plan a US Hit Job? The Diplomat October 12, 2011
Iran and Saudi Arabia's 'hate-hate' relationship CNN Security Clearance October 11, 2011
Iranian plot to assassinate Saudi Arabian ambassador on U.S. soil must force Obama to change policy New York Daily News October 11, 2011
Tehran's Nuclear Endgame National Review Online August 25, 2011
Can Iran's nuclear ambitions be halted? ABC: PM (Australia) June 28, 2011
Hearing Obama in Tehran New York Daily News February 16, 2011
How Sanctions Can Work With Iran The Diplomat December 15, 2010
Sanctioning Iran The Weekly Standard October 30, 2010
How Barack Obama's Vision of a Nuclear-Free World Weakens America's Security The Heritage Foundation September 10, 2010
How nukes will transform Iran New York Daily News August 15, 2010
Putting the Squeeze on Iran Fox News: Special Report July 2, 2010
Iran 2025 International Future Operational Environment Seminar June 22, 2010
Containment won't work USA Today June 11, 2010
The new Iranian sanctions Bill Bennett's Morning in America June 10, 2010
All things Turkey, Israel, and Iran Bill Bennett's Morning in America June 2, 2010
The Growing Threat from Iran Secure Freedom Radio April 27, 2010
Concern Over Lack of Iran Plan CBS News: Washington Unplugged April 19, 2010
Iran: Obama Pours Fuel On The Fire Hudson New York April 8, 2010
Iran: The Case for "Regime Change" Commentary April 2010
The Latest from Iran, Iraq, and Pakistan Secure Freedom Radio March 30, 2010
Can Anything Stop Iran From Getting Bomb? AOL News February 10, 2010
The Enduring Iran-Syria-Hezbollah Axis AEI Middle East Outlook December 2009
Don't Sacrifice Human Rights for Iran Diplomacy Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty October 7, 2009
Bad Options on Iran National Review Online October 5, 2009
Iran: No Good Choices TVO: The Agenda October 2, 2009
U.S. - Iran Nuclear Talks Secure Freedom Radio October 1, 2009
It takes much more than talk to stop Iran's stonewalling New York Daily News September 30, 2009
Will Israel Attack Iran? MSNBC: Hardball September 28, 2009
Iran Update with Michael Rubin and Jamsheed Choksy Bloggingheads.tv September 8, 2009
On Iran and national security Bill Bennett's Morning in America August 3, 2009
Our Common Foe National Review July 20, 2009
Iran, technology, and revolution Middle East Strategy at Harvard June 25, 2009
Escalation of Violence in Iran WPTF Talk Radio (North Carolina) June 23, 2009
Silence Is Not Neutrality National Review Online June 23, 2009
The Iranian Unrest The Hugh Hewitt Show June 23, 2009
The Iranian Riots WTIC News/Talk 1080 June 22, 2009
President Obama and the Iran Riots Bill Bennett's Morning in America June 22, 2009
Protests aren't enough to topple the Islamic Republic The Los Angeles Times June 19, 2009
Don't meddle, but help create a template for Iranians to act The Los Angeles Times June 18, 2009
Election in Iran 680 AM WPTF (North Carolina) June 17, 2009
Sham in Iran The Los Angeles Times June 17, 2009
Iran's Illegitimate Elections WLQV 1500 AM (Detroit) June 15, 2009
Could there be a new revolution in Iran? The Hugh Hewitt Show June 15, 2009
Election Aftermath in Iran Bill Bennett's Morning in America June 15, 2009
Ahmadinejad Today National Review Online: The Corner June 15, 2009
The Obama Effect? New York Daily News June 14, 2009
Eye on Iran National Review Online: The Corner June 11, 2009
The Iranian Elections The Hugh Hewitt Show June 9, 2009
Just the beginning Bitterlemons International April 30, 2009
Roxana Saberi and Iran Policy The Hugh Hewitt Show April 22, 2009
A Target of Convenience National Review Online April 21, 2009
What Iran Really Thinks About Talks The Wall Street Journal April 13, 2009
Obama's Outreach to Iran Bill Bennett's Morning in America March 25, 2009
Khatami is just Ahmadinejad with a silver tongue The Australian March 25, 2009
An Opening to Iran? The Weekly Standard February 16, 2009
Diplomacy By Itself Won't Work With Iran Investor's Business Daily February 13, 2009
Testing Obama: Iran's Nuclear Program Investor's Business Daily February 13, 2009
War in Gaza against Hamas, and Iran's not so hidden hand behind the scenes The Hugh Hewitt Show January 13, 2009
Tehran Is The Obstacle To U.S.-Iran Talks Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty November 25, 2008
Can a Nuclear Iran Be Contained or Deterred? Middle Eastern Outlook November 5, 2008
The U.S. Should Not Open an Interests Section in Tehran CFR Forum November 4, 2008
Iran's Economy Runs Out Of Steam Forbes.com October 17, 2008
Obama or McCain, Iran stance won't change The Australian October 3, 2008
Boxed In: Containing a Nuclear Iran Jane's Intelligence Review October 2008
Iran's Revolutionary Guards - A Rogue Outfit? Middle East Quarterly Fall 2008
Biden's Blink on Iran Washington Post August 26, 2008
Now Bush Is Appeasing Iran Wall Street Journal July 21, 2008
U.S. Marks Policy Shifts in Iraq, Iran Nuclear Talks PBS News Hour July 18, 2008
Iran's Faltering Economy Euro-Atlantic Quarterly July 2008
AEI scholar Michael Rubin's very sober analysis of Iran The Hugh Hewitt Show April 16, 2008
Iran's Global Ambition AEI Middle Eastern Outlook March 17, 2008
The Iranian Elections Euro-Atlantic Quarterly March 2008
Unintelligence on Iranian Nukes Weekly Standard February 25, 2008
Iran's nuke news shows danger of trusting this regime New York Daily News December 5, 2007
Are President Bush's recent statements on Iran dangerously provocative? Congressional Quarterly November 16, 2007
A Lever of Change in Iran Washington Post October 19, 2007
Russian Roulette on Iran Wall Street Journal October 3, 2007
How to make '07 Ahmadinejad's last year in power New York Daily News January 3, 2007
To end Iran standoff, plan for war New York Daily News October 3, 2006
The U.S. vs. Iran Wall Street Journal September 20, 2006
Can Iran Be Trusted? AEI Middle Eastern Outlook September 1, 2006
Iran Against the Arabs Wall Street Journal July 19, 2006
Iran Letter Criticizes U.S. Policy, Sidesteps Negotiations PBS News Hour May 9, 2006
Dealing with Iran National Review Online April 25, 2006
The U.S. and Iran - What's Next? NPR: Talk of the Nation April 12, 2006
Patterns of Discontent: Will History Repeat in Iran? Middle East Review of International Affairs March 2006
Hitting the Mark on Iran FrontPageMagazine.com January 27, 2006
Iran Means What It Says AEI Online: On the Issues January 25, 2006
The Radioactive Republic of Iran Wall Street Journal January 16, 2006
Monsters of the Left: The Mujahedin al-Khalq FrontPageMagazine.com January 13, 2006
Don't Dismiss Iranian Rhetoric Týždeň January 2, 2006
Domestic Threats to Iranian Stability: Khuzistan and Baluchistan JCPA Jerusalem Issue Brief November 13, 2005
Washington Must Plan Today For Democratic Iran of Tomorrow Forward July 8, 2005
U.S. Agrees To Iran Incentives PBS News Hour March 11, 2005
Will Washington Support Democracy in Iran? JCPA Jerusalem Issue Brief February 13, 2005
Iran's WMD Build-Up Ripon Forum June 20, 2004
Tyranny@25 National Review Online April 1, 2004
Watershed: The Will of the Iranian People Should Not Be Ignored This Time Around National Review Online July 26, 2002
Iran's Dialogue of Deceit The Jerusalem Post July 22, 2002
No Change: Iran Remains Committed to Israel's Destruction National Review Online July 1, 2002
Iran's Burgeoning Discontent PolicyWatch May 30, 2002
Don't Engage the Mullahs The Wall Street Journal Europe May 28, 2002
More floggings and inflation - the fruits of reform in Iran The Telegraph April 8, 2002
Helping Iraqis without Iran National Review Online March 26, 2002
Iran's Myth of Moderation National Review Online March 18, 2002
Khatami and the Myth of Reform in Iran The Politic Spring 2002
Iran's Burgeoning WMD Programs Middle East Intelligence Bulletin March-April 2002
The Iranian Ticking Bomb The Jerusalem Post February 17, 2002
Yearning for Freedom: Iranians Agree with Bush The New York Post February 11, 2002
Iran's Acts of Hostility Earned It 'Evil' Label The Baltimore Sun February 8, 2002
The Tehran Temptation Commentary January 2002
Broken Record The New Republic Online December 5, 2001
U.S. and Regime Change in Iran The Jerusalem Post November 20, 2001
Don't Throw a Lifeline to a Failing Iran The Los Angeles Times November 11, 2001
Let's Not Befriend This Enemy of Our Enemy The Baltimore Sun November 11, 2001
The West's Next Test: The Verdict of the Thirteen Jews PolicyWatch June 30, 2000
The Ebb and Flow of Reform in Iran PolicyWatch May 1, 2000
Iran's Hardliners Fight Back PolicyWatch April 24, 2000
Khatami's Next Test: The Trial of Thirteen Jews PolicyWatch April 11, 2000
Iran's "Dialogue of Civilizations" - A First-Hand Account Middle East Quarterly March 2000
Europe's Critical Dialogue with Iran PolicyWatch January 10, 2000
Iran and the Prospects for Syria-Israel Peace PeaceWatch December 22, 1999
On the Road: Coping in Islamic Iran Middle East Quarterly June 1997

Blog Posts

Title Publication Date
Top 10 reasons why Obama is naive on Iran Blog September 30, 2013
Is the Bahrain Uprising Sponsored by Iran? Blog February 2, 2012
Answering Jeffrey Goldberg on Iran Blog January 11, 2012
Push cost of Iran's nuclear program beyond breaking point Blog November 14, 2011
Iran Admits Its Nuclear Negotiating Strategy is to Run Down the Clock Blog November 1, 2011

Book Reviews

Book Title Publication Date
China and Iran: Ancient Partners in a Post-Imperial World
by John W. Garver
Middle East Quarterly Summer 2008
Iran, Islam, and Democracy: The Politics of Managing Change, 2nd ed.
by Ali M. Ansari
Middle East Quarterly Spring 2008
Shia Power: Next Target Iran? Middle East Quarterly Fall 2007
Persia: The Cradle of Infidels
by Ali Sadeghi
Middle East Quarterly Summer 2007
Nadir Shah's Quest for Legitimacy in Post-Safavid Iran
by Ernest S. Tucker
Middle East Quarterly Summer 2007
Iran's Rivalry with Saudi Arabia between the Gulf Wars
by Henner Fürtig
Middle East Quarterly Summer 2007
Anglo-Iranian Relations since 1800 Middle East Quarterly Summer 2007
The "Great Satan" vs. the "Mad Mullahs"
by William O. Beeman
Middle East Quarterly Spring 2006
Modern Iran: Roots and Results of Revolution
by Nikki R. Keddie
Middle East Quarterly Summer 2004
Diplomacy and Murder in Tehran
by Laurence Kelly
Middle East Quarterly Summer 2003
Twenty Years of Islamic Revolution: Political and Social Transition in Iran since 1979 Middle East Quarterly Winter 2003

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