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Title Publication Date
Erdogan's Troop Incursion Into Iraq Threatens NATO Unity Newsweek November 5, 2016
Turkey Should Play No Part in Liberating Mosul Newsweek October 20, 2016
Will There Be a Coup in Iraq? July 30, 2016
The Battle for the Soul of Iraqi Kurdistan Foreign Policy July 14, 2016
Turkey's Dangerous Iraq Game Commentary December 15, 2015
Beyond Bombing Iraq: Obama Needs an ISIS Strategy The National Interest August 12, 2014
Time to Challenge U.S. Assumptions about Terrorism, Security, and Iraq The National Interest June 13, 2014
Iraq is on a precipice CNN Global Public Square June 12, 2014
Remembering Iraq Without Rewriting History The Blaze March 19, 2013
America's sectarian problem Al-Aalem (Baghdad) March 7, 2013
Who would succeed Talabani? CNN Global Public Square December 18, 2012
Is Barzani really a nationalist? Redux The Kurdistan Tribune November 8, 2012
Iraqi Diplomacy has No Voice in Washington Al-Aalem (Baghdad) November 1, 2012
Don't forget about Iraq CNN Global Public Square October 31, 2012
Is Masud Barzani really a nationalist? The Kurdistan Tribune October 22, 2012
Why does Barzani oppose modern banking for Kurdistan? The Kurdistan Tribune October 12, 2012
Parliament should question KRG silence in the face of Turkey's weapons purchases The Kurdistan Tribune January 8, 2012
Is Kurdistan ready for a U.S.-Iran war? The Kurdistan Tribune December 23, 2011
Kurdistan needs accountability The Kurdistan Tribune December 4, 2011
Nechirvan Barzani must professionalize his office The Kurdistan Tribune November 17, 2011
Iraq's Iran problem, Iran's Iraq problem CNN Security Clearance November 14, 2011
This Was No War of Choice US News November 11, 2011
Is it time for an anti-Turkey coalition? The Kurdistan Tribune October 27, 2011
Thank you, Dr. Tissot The Kurdistan Tribune July 31, 2011
Remembering Bill Eagleton The Kurdistan Tribune July 25, 2011
Where's Kurdistan's missing $4 billion? The Kurdistan Tribune July 3, 2011
Where is Iraqi Kurdistan's sovereign wealth fund? The Kurdistan Tribune June 26, 2011
It's time for university reform in Iraqi Kurdistan The Kurdistan Tribune June 8, 2011
Life after Talabani The Kurdistan Tribune June 5, 2011
It's time for Turkey to end its occupation of Iraqi Kurdistan The Kurdistan Tribune May 28, 2011
The Squeaky Wheel Syndrome Commentary April 11, 2011
To the Freedom Protestors in Sara Square Kurd Net April 7, 2011
The Year Ahead in Iraq and Afghanistan Bill Bennett's Morning in America December 28, 2010
Why Najaf matters in post-war Iraq The Washington Post August 27, 2010
Deadlines and Dependency PBS NewsHour August 2, 2010
Dictatorship or Democracy in Iraqi Kurdistan? Rozhnama (Iraq) May 18, 2010
The Latest from Iran, Iraq, and Pakistan Secure Freedom Radio March 30, 2010
Seven Years In, Assessing Value Of Iraq War NPR: Talk of the Nation March 23, 2010
Foggy Bottom's Man in Baghdad The Wall Street Journal March 13, 2010
The Iraqi Elections of 2010 Bill Bennett's Morning in America March 8, 2010
A Watershed Election National Review Online February 1, 2010
Kurdish leaders are drunk with power The Daily Star (Beirut) July 1, 2009
The Troop Drawdown Could Be Costly for Iraq The Wall Street Journal June 30, 2009
Leaders' mortality may sway Iraq's health Jane's Islamic Affairs Analyst April 17, 2009
Bush's Final Iraq Visit Prompts Mixed Responses PBS News Hour December 15, 2008
U.S. Marks Policy Shifts in Iraq, Iran Nuclear Talks PBS News Hour July 18, 2008
Return of the Purple Fingers Washington Post June 9, 2008
The Proposed U.S. Security Commitment to Iraq House Foreign Affairs Committee January 23, 2008
Is Iraqi Kurdistan a Good Ally? AEI Middle Eastern Outlook January 2008
The Extension of the United Nations Mandate for Iraq House Foreign Affairs Committee December 19, 2007
After Turkish Airstrikes, Rice Visits Kirkuk NPR: Talk of the Nation December 18, 2007
U.S. Policy Options in the Iraq Crisis U.S. House of Representatives July 17, 2007
Iraq in Books Middle East Quarterly Spring 2007
Interview on the Iraq Study Group Report The Laura Ingraham Show December 7, 2006
Reaction to the Iraq Study Group Report NPR: Talk of the Nation December 7, 2006
What went wrong: A sober look at Iraq National Review Online December 4, 2006
Right war, botched occupation USA Today November 27, 2006
Nurture Iraqi democracy, from the ground up Los Angeles Times November 16, 2006
Why withdrawal from Iraq is the worst option Financial Times October 26, 2006
Misguided reconciliation with Baathists Philadelphia Inquirer October 19, 2006
Declassified Report Details 'Key Judgments' on Iraq War PBS News Hour September 27, 2006
Last Chance for Iraq? National Review September 11, 2006
Turkey, Iraq Get U.S. Help to Fight Kurdish Rebels NPR: Day to Day August 30, 2006
Amid Violence, Weighing Amnesty and Reconciliation in Iraq NPR: Talk of the Nation July 3, 2006
Dozens Killed in Iraq as Groups Works to Forge Government NPR: Talk of the Nation January 4, 2006
Iraqi Beacon Wall Street Journal December 14, 2005
How to Deal with Kidnappings in Iraq Rivista di Intelligence December 2005
Bush Details 'Strategy for Victory' NPR: Talk of the Nation November 30, 2005
Iraq's Comeback Kid National Review November 29, 2005
Iraq, Unplugged National Review Online November 1, 2005
Iraq and the Democratization of the Middle East La Rivoluzione Democratica Contro Il Terrorismo October 14, 2005
The Future of Iraq: Democracy, Civil War, or Chaos? Middle East Review of International Affairs September 2005
Less Is More in Iraq Washington Post August 9, 2005
Iraq's Constitutional Challenge PBS News Hour July 27, 2005
Iraq's Constitution and Sectarian Divisions NPR: Talk of the Nation June 13, 2005
Let Iraq handle Sunnis Baltimore Sun May 10, 2005
Iraq has voted Wall Street Journal January 31, 2005
Listen to the Iraqis National Review Online January 7, 2005
Iraq's Electoral System: A Misguided Strategy Arab Reform Bulletin September 2004
Arresting Iraqi Democracy National Review Online August 9, 2004
The Battle for a Representative Iraqi Government Has Started The Daily Star (Beirut) July 13, 2004
CPA, R.I.P. National Review Online June 28, 2004
The Fallujah Problem National Review Online June 25, 2004
Where Are the Refugees? National Review Online June 21, 2004
The Wrong Elections For Iraq Washington Post June 19, 2004
Trust the Iraqi People AEI On The Issues June 1, 2004
To Win in Fallujah FrontPageMagazine.com May 18, 2004
Troubled Transition PBS News Hour April 19, 2004
Learning from Sadr National Review Online April 8, 2004
Sadr Signs National Review Online April 6, 2004
Iraqi Democrats Feeling Sidelined The Los Angeles Times April 4, 2004
Will Saddam's Troops Fight? The New Republic September 9, 2002
What Do Iraqis Think about Life after Saddam? The New York Times August 9, 2002
If Iraqis Want a King, Hassan of Jordan Could Be Their Man The Daily Telegraph July 19, 2002
Kurdistan Dispatch: Bomb Shelter The New Republic June 17, 2002
In Bad Company: Yasser Arafat and Saddam Hussein National Review Online May 2, 2002
From Inside Iraq, a Plea for U.S. Action The Los Angeles Times April 14, 2002
Helping Iraqis without Iran National Review Online March 26, 2002
How to Free Iraq Middle East Quarterly Winter 2002
The Other Iraq The Jerusalem Report December 31, 2001
Free Us! The New York Post December 2, 2001
The Islamist Threat from Iraqi Kurdistan Middle East Intelligence Bulletin December 2001
Sanctions on Iraq: A Valid Anti-American Grievance? Middle East Review of International Affairs December 2001
The Iraqi People Want to Know When Mr. Bush Will Get Tough The Daily Telegraph August 13, 2001
How Some Iraqis Would Slam Saddam The Los Angeles Times August 12, 2001
Indict Saddam The Wall Street Journal August 9, 2001
Put Saddam on Trial for War Crimes The Wall Street Journal Europe August 6, 2001
The Living Conditions of Kurds in Northern Iraq NPR: All Things Considered July 16, 2001
Sulaymaniyah Dispatch The New Republic June 18, 2001
Sanctions and Iraq The Jerusalem Post January 17, 2001

Book Reviews

Book Title Publication Date
The Twilight War: The Secret History of America's Thirty-Year Conflict with Iran
by David Crist
National Review July 16, 2012
Losing the Golden Hour: An Insider's View of Iraq's Reconstruction
by James Stephenson
Middle East Quarterly Winter 2009
Swimming Up the Tigris
by Barbara Nimri Aziz
Middle East Quarterly Winter 2009
War and Decision
by Douglas J. Feith
Middle East Quarterly Winter 2009
Iraq: Preventing a New Generation of Conflict Middle East Quarterly Spring 2008
Iraq in Fragments: The Occupation and Its Legacy
by Eric Herring and Glen Rangwala
Middle East Quarterly Spring 2008
Iraq: People, History, Politics
by Gareth Stansfield
Middle East Quarterly Spring 2008
Iraqi Security Forces: A Strategy for Success
by Anthony H. Cordesman
Middle East Quarterly Winter 2008
The Occupation of Iraq: Winning the War, Losing the Peace
by Ali A. Allawi
Middle East Quarterly Summer 2007
My Year in Iraq: The Struggle to Build a Future of Hope
by L. Paul Bremer III, with Malcolm McConnell
Middle East Quarterly Summer 2007
Iraq and Back: Inside the War to Win the Peace
by Kim Olson
Middle East Quarterly Summer 2007
Insurgency and Counter-Insurgency in Iraq
by Ahmad S. Hashim
Middle East Quarterly Summer 2007
Blind into Baghdad: America's War in Iraq
by James Fallows
Middle East Quarterly Summer 2007
Turkey's Policy towards Northern Iraq: Problems and Perspectives
by Bill Park
Middle East Quarterly Winter 2007
The End of Iraq: How American Incompetence Created a War Without End
by Peter Galbraith
New York Sun July 17, 2006
Cobra II: The Inside Story of the Invasion and Occupation of Iraq
by Michael Gordon and Bernard Trainor
New York Sun April 12, 2006
Revolt on the Tigris: The al-Sadr Uprising and the Governing of Iraq
by Mark Etherington
Middle East Quarterly Spring 2006
The History of Iraq
by Courtney Hunt
Middle East Quarterly Spring 2006
The Future of Kurdistan in Iraq Middle East Quarterly Spring 2006
Dancing in the No-Fly Zone: A Woman's Journey through Iraq
by Hadani Ditmars
Middle East Quarterly Spring 2006
Among Warriors in Iraq
by Mike Tucker
Middle East Quarterly Spring 2006
My Year in Iraq: The Struggle to Build a Future of Hope
by L. Paul Bremer III
Armed Forces Journal March 2006
Losing Iraq: Inside the Postwar Reconstruction Fiasco
by David L. Phillips
Middle East Quarterly Winter 2006
The Kurds in Iraq
by Kerim Yildiz
Middle East Quarterly Winter 2006
The Assassin's Gate: America in Iraq
by George Packer
Middle East Quarterly Winter 2006
The Assassins' Gate: America in Iraq
by George Packer
Daily Star (Beirut) December 20, 2005
In the Red Zone: A Journey into the Soul of Iraq
by Steven Vincent
Middle East Quarterly Summer 2005
Hell Is Over, Voices of the Kurds after Saddam
by Mike Tucker
Middle East Quarterly Summer 2005
Among the "Others": Encounters with the Forgotten Turkmen of Iraq
by Scott Taylor
Middle East Quarterly Summer 2005
Operation Iraqi Freedom and the New Iraq: Insights and Forecasts Middle East Quarterly Spring 2005
Exiting Iraq: Why the U.S. Must End the Military Occupation and Renew the War against Al Qaeda Middle East Quarterly Fall 2004
The Future of Iraq: Dictatorship, Democracy, or Division?
by Liam Anderson and Gareth Stansfield
Middle East Quarterly Summer 2004
Iraqi Kurdistan: Political Development and Emergent Democracy
by Gareth R. Stansfield
Middle East Quarterly Winter 2004
Disarming Iraq: Monitoring Power and Resistance
by Michael V. Deaver
Middle East Quarterly Winter 2003
The Iraq Effect: The Middle East after the Iraq War
by Frederic Wehrey, Dalia Dassa Kaye and Jessica Watkins
Middle East Quarterly Fall 2001
Rebels With A Cause: The Failure of the Left in Iran
by Maziar Behrooz
Middle East Quarterly Fall 2000

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