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Title Publication Date
America's 7 mistakes in Afghanistan CNN Global Public Square August 2, 2012
Should Obama Apologize for Quran Burning? Fox News: Fox & Friends February 25, 2012
Problems Engaging with the Taliban? Fox News September 8, 2011
Talking With the Taliban Is Not Diplomacy, It's Deadly Fox News September 6, 2011
Why Did It Take So Long to Find Bin Laden? NYTimes.com May 3, 2011
The Year Ahead in Iraq and Afghanistan Bill Bennett's Morning in America December 28, 2010
Talk to the Taliban? National Review Online October 21, 2010
Negotiating with the Taliban Bill Bennett's Morning in America October 7, 2010
Afghanistan Deadline Is Not Smart Policy Public Square March 8, 2010
The Afghanistan Withdrawal Public Square March 8, 2010
Taking Tea with the Taliban Commentary February 2010
Obama's Afghanistan Plan Bill Bennett's Morning in America December 1, 2009
Not Nearly Enough On Afghanistan Forbes.com December 1, 2009
The Afghanistan-Pakistan-United States Summit Bill Bennett's Morning in America May 6, 2009
Who Is Responsible for the Taliban? Middle East Review of International Affairs March 2002
The Return of the Kings The Daily Telegraph October 11, 2001
Weakest Link: Why the Taliban Isn't So Tough The New Republic October 1, 2001
The Taliban's Fragile House of Cards The Daily Telegraph September 18, 2001
Osama bin Laden, the Taliban, and the Challenge of State Sponsors PolicyWatch September 14, 2001
The U.S. Can Collapse the Taliban Middle East Intelligence Bulletin September 2001
Afghanistan: As Bad as Its Reputation? Middle East Quarterly September 2000
Tea (and Prejudice) with the Taliban The Jerusalem Post June 19, 2000

Book Reviews

Book Title Publication Date
Afghanistan: Mullah, Marx, and Mujahid
by Ralph H. Magnus and Eden Naby
Middle East Quarterly Winter 2003

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